From the harsh chill of his native country comes warm music that springs from the rich and varied traditions of Swedish folk music, hymns and native composers. The art of improvisation melts this Swedish legacy with the jazz piano tradition, giving him a unique vehicle of expression that is entirely his own.

Mattias first solo album ”Dreams of Belonging” will be released in the spring of 2016.

The internationally acclaimed and award-winning pianist Mattias Nilsson, melts together the tradition of jazz piano with the Nordic tonal language, which gives him a musical landscapes with totally new shades of color. With a very warm, personal touch in mind, Nilsson adds to his palette of musical colors the rich and varied traditions of Swedish folk music, hymns, native composers, and not least, his original compositions.

”What a musician, what a great sense of the magic of those black and white keys this man owns.”
  – Tomas Pranell, SydÖstran

”Mattias Nilsson is a responsive pianist who goes from strength to strength. ”In Sermonette he played a solo that was both skillfully and thoroughly musical which makes us understand that Mattias now must be counted among the best in Sweden on his instrument.” – Stig Linderoth, Orkester Journalen

”A enormous degree of energy and musical flexibility, as well as a very personal and appealing melodic sense…” …”A more dignified end of the first festival evening is hard to imagine. Mattias tender interpretation of Lars Gullin´s Danny’s Dream was outstanding!”  – Jan Olsson, Skånska Dagbladet

”It’s hard to imagine any jazz musician who’s appeared more in Malmö in recent years than Mattias Nilsson. The desire to reach the audience, whether it’s in a concert hall, a jazz club or a noisy restaurant, has undoubtedly been a factor in developing Nilsson’s distinct, extrovert piano style.” – Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan

”Mattias Nilsson’s lyrically sensitive piano playing compliment several tracks …” – Sven Bjerstedt , Kristanstadbladet

”…superb dynamic piano playing…” – Lasse Seger, Orkesterjournalen