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The swede with the warm nordic touch

From the harsh chill of his native land comes warm music that springs from the rich and varied traditions of Swedish folk music, hymns and native composers. Mattias´s art of improvisation melts this Swedish legacy with the jazz piano tradition, giving him a unique vehicle of expression that is entirely his own.

Mattias first solo album Dreams of Belonging contains eight Swedish folk songs, hymns, more modern pieces and three original Nilsson compositions, plus a cover of the John Hartford song Gentle on My Mind. The album represents the culmination of a long journey, and the discovery of an individual voice, combined with a deep-seated love for the music of his homeland.


It’s almost a spiritual experience to listen to the pianist Mattias Nilsson in his Dreams of Belonging. With delicate brush strokes, Mattias paints images of chalets, mists, shadows, intense sunlight, and all shades in between.

— Folkbladet


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