"Nilsson is more than just an extraordinarily talented"..."With this new album (Dreams of Belonging), he definitively places himself as a composer and piano soloist at world-class level"..."he's a virtuoso who roams the same spaces as Oscar Peterson's classic jazz piano, Jan Johansson and Björn J: son Lindh".."a style that's very much his own: warm, sensible, empathetic and lyrical." (Björn Gustavsson - Kulturdelen, Sweden)

"...some might want to place him among the Swedish pianists that followed after Jan Johansson, but Nilsson is so much more than that." (Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts, Nordic)

"Touch, phrasing and blending with keyboard and pedal are among Nilsson’s strong suits. They are valuable assets in the performance of his lyrical title tune." (Doug Ramsey - Rifftides, United States)

"It's almost a spiritual experience to listen to the pianist Mattias Nilsson in his 'Dreams of Belonging'. With delicate brush strokes, Mattias paints images of chalets, mists, shadows, intense sunlight, and all shades in between. The music is a mix of folk, Peterson-Berger, Swanerud and Mattias himself, but with a focus on the lyrical and heartfelt." (Tor-Björn Lyrhed - Folkbladet, Sweden)

"...must be counted among the best in Sweden on his instrument." (Stig Linderoth - OrkesterJournalen, Sweden)

"What a musician, what a great sense of the magic of those black and white keys this man owns.” (Tomas Pranell - SydÖstran, Sweden)

"An enormous degree of energy and musical flexibility, as well as a very personal and appealing melodic sense..." (Jan Olsson - DIG Jazz, Sweden)

"Whether he plays Swedish folk music, classical music, pop, hymns or jazz is brilliant and elegant and, not least, sensitive both in grants and phrasing." (Dan Backman - Orkesterjournalen, Sweden)


REVIEWS / albums & concerts

Dreams of Belonging - Mattias Nilsson (2016)

Sharón Clark + Mattias Nilsson Trio





    • 2015 / Lion of the Year - Lions Club Bjersund (Sweden)
    • 2013 / Harry Arnold Scholarship - Harry Arnold Society (Sweden)
    • 2012 / Jazz Musician of the Year in Skåne Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)
    • 2008 / Lomma Culture Prize - Lomma Kommun (Sweden)
    • 2008 / Jazz Musician of the Year in Skåne - Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)
    • 2007 / Jazz Musician of the Year in Skåne - Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)

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